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On Demand: Digital Series 5

Welcome to the SCXP DS5 about International Soccer Branding. Overseas it is a must in the soccer industry, at the SCXP DS5 from Tokyo to New York, we discovered how to do branding all around the world looking for fans and a better position in the market. To highlight the ‘Big Picture’ by Rakuten, a bright brand activation focus on FC Barcelona fans around the world. Nothing MOVES stronger than fans' passion.

On Demand: Digital Series 52021-02-09T16:47:20-03:00

On Demand: Digital Series 4

Welcome to SCXP DS4, an exciting episode about how innovation is invading soccer life, let's analyze how is improving the brand activation for sponsors, fan engagement, the players' performance, content and social media, event and much more. Enjoy SCXP experience.

On Demand: Digital Series 42021-01-05T17:06:59-03:00

On Demand: Digital Series 2

In this episode of the SCXP Digital Series, we covered critical and exciting globalization points of view from sponsors, clubs, leagues, agencies, media, suppliers, and event directors of the soccer industry in America & Europe. Stay tuned, we’ll have our next Digital Series 3 online meeting very soon, we hope to see you there.

On Demand: Digital Series 22020-10-01T14:32:26-03:00

On Demand: Digital Series 1

‌Check out the video from our Digital Series 1 online meeting. Digital Series 1: Trends in Fan Engagement - We explore about digital fan engagements activations, new fan app and fan events with a critical point of view from sponsors, clubs, agencies, media and event Directors of the soccer industry in America & Europe.

On Demand: Digital Series 12020-08-24T16:34:50-03:00