Digital Series 1


DS 1

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Our online meeting was a hit!

Digital Series 1: Trends in Fan Engagement.
We explore about digital fan engagements activations, new fan app and fan events with a critical point of view from sponsors, clubs, agencies, media and event Directors of the soccer industry in America & Europe.

  • Business Partner: CA SPORTS MARKETING
  • Media Partner: MARCA CLARO


  1. Daniel Ancheyta, Director at MARCA Claro;
  2. Juli Ferré, Brand Partnerships Manager at Iqoniq;
  3. James Kirkham, Chief Business Officer at Defected Records;
  4. Cinto Ajram, CEO at CA Sports Marketing;
  5. Eduardo Cara, Business Director at SoccerConXP;
  6. Dee Kundra, Senior Head of Marketing & Communications at FC Bayern Munich.

‌Check out the video from our Digital Series 1 online meeting below, if you couldn’t watch it live or want to watch it again, just hit the play button!
Make sure you get ready for DS 2, watching it live is much more fun.
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Stay tuned, we’ll have our next Digital Series 2 online meeting very soon, we hope to see you there.

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